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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LOVE SONGS - sides one and two

The compilation parade continued in late 1977 with the release of this double album.  And although this package of ballads was once again looked down upon by many, it is a truly excellent overview of the softer side of the Beatles.  Plus you have to admit that not many groups could be responsible for material as distinctly different as that on the collections Rock 'N' Roll Music and Love Songs.  The Beatles were unique not just in their ability to play a wide variety of styles, but also in the fact that they were encouraged to do so by both their producer George Martin and their worldwide fanbase. 

While the selections on the Red and Blue Albums were laid out in a strictly-chronological order, and those on Rock 'N' Roll Music arranged somewhat in that manner, the twenty-five tracks on Love Songs jump back and forth all over the group's career.  As on Rock 'N' Roll Music, the number of lead vocals by Paul and John are almost equal (perhaps this is a conscious attempt to dispel the common notion that John was the rocker and Paul the balladeer), whereas George is reduced to only two numbers and Ringo is completely shut out.


Yesterday - What better way to start out than with one of the most famous standards of all time?  It originally appeared on the Help! album. 

I'll Follow the Sun - This little ditty from Paul first appeared on Beatles For Sale.

I Need You - George certainly penned stronger compositions during the group's career, but this number from the Help! soundtrack is one of his only romantic songs.

Girl - A wistful number from Rubber Soul.

In My Life - This elegant, reflective tune is also from Rubber Soul.

Words of Love - Cover songs abounded on the Rock 'N' Roll Music collection, but this Buddy Holly number is the only one on this package.  From Beatles For Sale.

Here There and Everywhere - Paul's perfect composition is from Revolver.


Something - George's greatest composition had originally appeared on the album Abbey Road, but was also released on a double A-sided single. 

And I Love Her - A well-known song from the soundtrack of A Hard Day's Night.

If I Fell - From the same soundtrack, but this rare stereo mix features a double-tracked vocal intro by John and an absolutely delicious moment when Paul's voice cracks at the end of the second bridge on the word "vain."

I'll Be Back - This song is also from the album A Hard Day's Night, but from the non-soundtrack side.

Tell Me What You See - From the non-soundtrack side of the album Help!

Yes It Is - This number had only been available as the B-side to Ticket to Ride in the UK, so this is its first appearance on an album in stereo.  In the US, it had also been released on the album Beatles VI.

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