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Thursday, February 28, 2013

RARITIES (US) - side one

The UK version of Rarities simply didn't make sense for the American market.  Almost every track on that album had already appeared on a Capitol album during the group's career, but the executives at Capitol didn't want to miss out on any opportunity, so they set about compiling their own collection that could be worthy of the title Rarities.  The result is perhaps the most bizarre package in the entire Beatles catalog.

The best thing that can be said about it is that at least some attempt is made to present the tracks in chronological order.  Some of the following information comes from the relatively extensive liner notes on the album cover.

Love Me Do - This is the original recording with Ringo on drums.  It had been released as a single in England, but only the version with Andy White on drums and Ringo on Tambourine had ever made it to the US for distribution before.

Misery - This song had previously only been available in the States on the VeeJay album Introducing the Beatles.

There's a Place - In addition to appearing on Introducing the Beatles, this song had served as the B-side to Twist and Shout on the Tollie label, but never on Capitol until this time.

Sie Liebt Dich - The German version of She Loves You had only been released as a single in the US on the obscure Swan label.

And I Love Her - The only thing that makes this version of this well-known song rare is at the very end where the guitar riff is repeated six times instead of four.  It had previously only been released in this manner in Germany.

Help! - Capitol had actually released this version of the group's second film's title song before, but only on the single.  John's lead vocal has slight variations from the version on the soundtrack album.

I'm Only Sleeping - The Capitol version of this song had been hastily mixed and sent Stateside for the compilation album "Yesterday"...and Today.  This is the UK version which features more backwards guitar.

I Am the Walrus - Capitol admits in the liner notes that they combined a few versions to create this new one.  It has the six-bar intro from the UK version (the US one only had a four-bar intro), and a few extra beats from the band and orchestra before the "Yellow matter custard" verse.

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